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Plain RFID tags

  • Have a type of tracking system that uses smart barcodes in order to identify items. These radio waves transmit data from the tag to a reader, which then transmits the information to an RFID computer program

Customized or Sandwich RIFD Tags

Sandwich: the RFID inlay is inserted between two sheets. These sheets hold the inlay and are usually printed with human reading information.

  • Encapsulated: it is generally encapsulated to protect the inlay against fluids.
  • On foam: the foam provides a necessary thickness to separate the inlay from for example metals. This is done because radiofrequency is affected especially by the presence of metals.
Increase Asset VisibilityImprove employee productivity
Mitigate RiskReduce Theft and Loss
Improve SecurityReduce Human Error


Access ManagementTracking of Goods
Tracking of Persons & AnimalsToll Collection ayment
Machine Readable Travel DocumentsAirport Baggage Tracking Logistics
Timing Sporting EventsTracking & Billing Processes
RetailHospitals & Healthcare
ModelPlain & Sandwich
Transponder TypeActive
Reading RangeUpto 80 meters
Max. Object Speed ReadingUpto 180km/h
Frequency8.2 GHz

Plain & Sandwich

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